Genee G-Touch Slim Deluxe 70” LED Android OS Interactive Touch Screen

DESCRIPTION:Genee G-Touch Deluxe 70" Interactive
Touch Screens (70G-TouchSlimDeluxe)

*** 5 year warranty

10 Point Touch, Built-In Android, 5
Year Warranty (type 15)

Superb-quality G-Touch...

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Namber code: GLGW26
Manufacturer SKU: 70G-TOUCHSLIM(DLXE)
RRP: £4,395.00

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DESCRIPTION:Genee G-Touch Deluxe 70" Interactive

Touch Screens (70G-TouchSlimDeluxe)

*** 5 year warranty

10 Point Touch, Built-In Android, 5

Year Warranty (type 15)

Superb-quality G-Touch interactive LED

touchscreens are revolutionising

teaching and presentations. With

crystal clear viewing in any lighting

conditions and unlike projector-based

systems, there are no shadows cast by

the presenter. G-Touch screens use up

to 75% less power than a standard

projector and installation is simple

and fast.


· High-definition

· Built-in Android

· 10-point touchscreen

· Eco-friendly

· Windows and Mac compatible

· High-quality LED screen

· Commercial screen for

constant use

· Anti-glare

· Multi-touch

· Multimedia USB

· Infrared touchscreen


· Built-in front facing

speakers (No need for soundbar)

· Integrated PC option

· Huge range of compatible


· Available in 55?, 65?, 70?,

80? sizes

Astonishing picture qualityAll our

screens are LED, providing vastly

improved blacks, colours, and contrast

over that of a LCD. The Full HD

support allows you to connect all your

720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p devices.

Crystal clear viewing

The G-Touch LED screen delivers

cutting-edge technology to the

presentation room. The G-Touch range

alleviates the problems staff

regularly endure with projected

images, such as finding items

displayed difficult to read due to

sunlight or reflective lighting. The G

Touch has a wide viewing angle, a much

higher contrast ratio and a high

definition panel. This gives the

entire audience crystal-clear image

quality regardless of their location

in the room.

Ease of use

For maximum convenience our screens

are anti-dust, allowing for

presentations without having to close

the blinds. To provide easy access to

all of the screen functions, the

controls are front facing, on the

bottom right of the screen. Both Mac

and Windows compatible, the screen

comes with built-in 15W (55? 10W)

speakers. The screen’s infrared

sensors create a true, full-screen

interactive surface that detects touch

from any object of any size, giving

you complete versatility. Using the

pens provided, or your fingers, the

multi-touch screen enables you to

write, erase and manipulate multiple

objects at the same time. The all-

round sensors mean there are no dead

spots and you get a quicker response


Built in PC Option

Our interactive touchscreens can also

have a built in PC (i3, i5 or i7) with

specified Windows version pre-

installed, licence must be purchased


Massive range of connectivity

A huge range of connectivity enables

you to connect computers, visualisers,

cameras and other devices directly to

the screen and then switch freely

between different video sources. Using

the multimedia USB you can play

images, music, movies and text files

without the need to have a PC.

Tough and enduring

The G-Touch screens are built to last

with no need for maintenance. Gone are

the days of having to clean the

projector filters, and replacing

expensive failed lamps. Downtime in

the boardroom, lecture theatre and

classroom is a thing of the past.

Designed specifically for constant use

with a screen life of 50,000 hours, at

8 hours a day, 365 days a year, means

a life-span of over 15 years. Using

economy mode you can increase life

expectancy up to 80,000 hours, while

reducing running costs.

The 4mm toughened glass protects the

screen from all kinds of objects,

ensuring that no damage or ripple-

effects can occur. The 3 year UK

warranty also provides you with the

assurance that your investment will


Installation is so simple

The G-Touch range can be installed on

a wall or floor stands, and is

programmed ready to connect to a

Windows PC.

Huge range of compatible software

Genee Spark – interactive screen

software. There are many features that

are useful in education, here are just

a few:

Import files from Smart, Promethean

etc. Export files from other software

as an IWB file which Spark then lets

you import by going to ‘File’ –

‘Import external File’.

Spark allows you to run other

applications such as Word, Excel and

PowerPoint directly inside Spark. To

do this you go to ‘Tools’ – ‘Windows


Use a writing panel and the text

remains when you move between

different slides. This is ideal for

schools as a teacher can write the

lesson objective once and it remains

on the screen throughout the lesson.

To access this go to ‘Tools’ –

‘Writing panel’.

Cube Share – online collaboration


Designed to allow collaboration

between participants in different

locations and also to allow

participants to ask the presenter more

in-depth questions.

Cube – presentation plan software

Early Years Onboard – interactive