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We are proud to support our vendors and keep our customers up-to-date with events and webinars scheduled over the next coming months.



How to Simplify Kubernetes with Load Balancers

Kubernetes manages the microservices in a container environment, but how do you manage the overall application delivery?

Load balancers are still needed for application availability, scalability, and security. The integration of load balancers into your Kubernetes environment can simplify the management of your application while maintaining the optimal application experience that you are looking for.

Wednesday 26th May 3pm GMT +1 / 10am EDT



New Products 2021 Part 2

In this webinar we will introduce our second tranche of new products this year. There will be products from the AV over IP offering but the most important new product will be the DSP-62-AEC. If you specifically want to learn more about the VS-211XS and VS-411XS this is also the place.

Wednesday 26th May 10:30am BST


Firebox Policy Management in WatchGuard Cloud - Advanced Network Security Policy Management

WatchGuard Cloud makes policy creation and management a breeze with one-click security service implementations and pre-configured policies to deploy content scanning, network inspection, content filtering, and other services at scale. Policies can be built off-line and deployed when the time is right, so you can make changes and build policy in advance. Please join the webinar to find out more about Firebox Policy Management in WatchGuard Cloud and the benefits for your business.

Thursday 3rd June 10:00am - 11:00am